Special Projects

  • World Bank Group B Feasiblity Studies:  For Mersin, Çankırı, Erzurum, Elbistan and Bodrum Peninsula Municipalities the researches and evaluations have been made for technical infrastructural needs of them: The feasibility Reports have been prepared for Sewerage; Drinkings water; Treatment Plants; 
  • Flood Risk Mapping for İstanbul Various Creeks  For the flood risk mapping, the data required was obtained in the field and  3D hydraulic moddelling was performed by Mike 11, Mike21 and Mikeflood. 
  • Batman Solid Waste Project For desposal area in Batman serving to city, 3D field moddelling and optimisations performed. All the buildings in plant area has been designed in detail. Workshop and Information meetings on Solid Waste Management  organized for Municipality  authorized staff  in Batman; A technical trip was also organized to Antalya Solid Waste Plant.
  • Alaplı (Zonguldak) Deep Sea Outfall Project 
  • Ordu Deep Sea Outfall Project